What a week.  I had just started to implement my new routine of getting my housework done, then spending an hour or two on the laptop in order to get the editing done, when a friend turned up unexpectedly and has stayed for a week.  It has been lovely spending time with her and her beautiful little girl, but I haven’t got anything done!  No editing, no nothing!   ARRRRGH!

On Saturday, KiwiWriters had its very first “Buy a NZ Book” day to coincide with NZ Book Month.  This is a month long celebration of all things literature within NZ, and we decided to support NZ writers.  So did I purchase something?  Too right I did!  Lila Richards “A Different Hunger” on eBook, which is now sitting on my Kindle, waiting for me to read it.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I have been recently converted to the latest in technology and bowed to pressure… well not really.  I brought myself a Kindle for my birthday, and I am blown away by it.  It is a truly amazing thing, and I love it so much that I haven’t taken the plastic protective covering off it yet, although the back one is only clinging on by a couple of centimetres.  I spent all of my money purchasing the Kindle, I now have to save up and get myself a flash as cover for it, so that it is even more protected.  But I am so pleased with it, and I have already started reading books on it, downloaded a heap of free ones, and paid for a few as well (including Lila’s book, which can be found on Bluewood Publishing site).

So it has been a rather eventful week, and now is the only opportunity I have had to update my blog.  Hopefully the next time, I will be able to update it more about my writing than about my life!

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