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Wow, we are nearly half way through the year, where has that time gone. I’ve been busy with art and volunteer work, and exercising regularly, although I’ve had to give up running, for now. It was getting quite hard on my knees. Instead I am racewalking – which looks funny, but still gets the heart rate up, and just as satisfying as running.  Yeah, its ugly, but it has the benefits of running without the impact on the joints.  My only issue, is my clicky hip, which I can feel up in my neck, but if I have music on… loud music, it isn’t quite so bad.  Its only a click, nothing to worry about…

I hope you enjoyed my A to Z Blog Challenge on Shards of Ice. I was hoping to have details of the release date, but I haven’t received my manuscript back from my editor yet, and she has been a busy beaver, so not putting any pressure on her! But I have a new newsletter subscription form in my side bar (Right Here —–>)

Also, half way through April, funky things started happening with my website, and I wasn’t able to do any work on it without it coming up with errors. This happened at about the same time as WordPress updated, so it could have been because of that. Anyway, as mysteriously as it began, it stopped, and I’m able to post things on my site again – YAY! Hence, my first post, post A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Good news on the writing front, I decided that May would be “tidy up month” on Running Away and Curse of the Taniwha. I haven’t done much on Running Away, but Curse of the Taniwha is coming together nicely. Having discussed a few issues I was having with my Writing Mentor Melissa Pearl, she came up with some suggestions to overcome some issues I was having. Having brainstormed a bit further, I have been able to add conflict and resolve an issue all in one nasty incident, which will make the story so much more believable and achievable. So excited about the changes, that I was awake at 4:30 this morning plotting and planning some changes. Thankfully I can rearrange chapters etc in Scrivener / Word, because it is all topsy turvy at the moment, but once I have rearranged it, it should read quite nicely.

Mentally, I have been a but run down lately, possibly due to the change in season, and more rain than usual, but it could also be something else. Will have to wait and see. Some days are good, some aren’t. Just taking it all in my stride right now, because there isn’t really a lot else I can do. I am aware of the decline though, so if necessary, I can visit my Doc before I really bottom out.

So onward and upward this week, hopefully get Curse of the Taniwha finished this week.

What are your plans for this week?

Update and Progress – May 2015
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One thought on “Update and Progress – May 2015

  • May 19, 2015 at 9:16 pm

    A few people I’ve talked to lately (myself included) have been pretty up and down. I try to keep telling myself it’s better than all down, and I think the weather’s got something to do with it – the darker the mornings are, the harder it is to drag yourself out of bed.

    Glad to hear there’s been some great progress in the writing department 🙂


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