Funny how things happen when you write.  I tend to find that information comes together in my head, and then I write it, and later I have it verified by an outside source.

Point in question, I am doing my next story on a series of murder that occurred during the Gold Rush, and there are 4 perpetrators.  I wrote them as the youngest was the boss (as this was the case, and he actually did admit it) but a very moody character, the eldest was very intelligent, but a bit aloof, and the other two, one was serious and one was a bit of a clown.

Reading a source today, one I had not read before, told me that the boss was a very angry man who was prone to tantrums(!) and the eldest was, while part of the group, very much a loner and didn’t trust the others.   Wow, it was almost like I am psychic – but I don’t think it is that at all.  There is the possibility that I had read something similar before, but I got this impression just from looking at photos of the characters, so I guess I am not too far wrong from picking what people are like by looking at them.  Also there is documented proof that the leader had anger issues, he was always in trouble with the Police throughout the World from what I have read, so it was a natural assumption that he hated the establishment and would do everything he could to get one over on them.

Anyway, that was my strange lightbulb moment today, and I am kind of writing… not.  I haven’t written anything on my story for a few days, but at least now I have some more information to work with, and it is very detailed – it is filling in some blanks that I had.

Wait a minute…
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