Some of my more eagle eyed readers might have noticed that I have changed my “byline” from “The Musings and Writings from a Wannabe Writer” to “The Musings and Writings from a Wordwright”.

Ok, two things.  First, I changed from a Wannabe Writer because I am a writer.  I have been doing this for a few years now, and while I have only had one short story published, and I still have a lot to learn about novel writing, but with each new story, with each editing pass, I am improving.  So I don’t believe I am a Wannabe any more.

Secondly, Wordwright.  I am still reading Northanger Abbey (hopefully tonight I will finish it) and I have been thinking on the word writer.  There are so many different connotations of a writer, and I thought about Wordsmith instead.  Then I remembered a local business that was a shipwright, and I thought that sounded just right.  Plus it is a play on write – hence wordwright.  I am a wordwright, whether it be a short story, novel, blog, newsletter or a letter to friends or family, I love words.

So, I am no longer a wannabe, and instead a wordwright – someone who constructs something using words…  I like it.

Wannabe no more!
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