A wonderful friend of mine, Kerryn Hewson has set up a lovely website called Colour Your Life and it is full of wonderful ideas on how to grow as a person by means of inspiring yourself to a better you.  It is something I have been incredibly supportive of since my depression, because my creativity and inspiration really took a dive, and I needed to find ways in which to make myself feel better.

Her latest post really got me thinking.  And I loved the concept, so here it is:

Your Dose of Inspiration

This really got me thinking about how I am restricted for time, and how I would love to do something creative or make a connection every day.

And I loved the idea of a Mama Jar – or inspiration jar.  I loved the origami butterflies that Kerryn used, and it got me thinking.

There is a lovely little origami envelope that I love to make called Menki – (if you are curious, the instructions are here.)  I got excited.  Mum C got us a Pukeko full of lollies for Christmas.  The lollies are long gone, but I have found a new use for my beloved Pukeko – my inspiration jar.  I got cracking, and came up with… 3 ideas.  Hmm, pretty sad really.  They were – use my paint pencils, create something using calligraphy, and work on a jigsaw puzzle.

I was a little disappointed I couldn’t come up with something a little more inspiring.

But the next morning, the ideas started to flow.

Play my guitar (I will have to do a serious tune up on it!)

Practice my sign language (I have decided to learn this as a new language)

Ring Nicky / Ring Julia – these two are my dearest friends.  We connect once every three months and talk and talk and talk – our friendship extends over the phone line and we catch up with each other this way because we all live such busy lives.  But our friendships pick up from where we left off.

Do some bead work – I haven’t done anything since I well before I was diagnosed with depression.

Learn a new juggling trick – I picked up juggling three balls last year, and was getting good at it.  I want to keep going and learn some new tricks.

I haven’t included any writing ideas, because I intend to either be writing or editing or plotting and planning every day, and this is scheduled time.  I didn’t want to be hanging out for a writing envelope only to be disappointed if I didn’t get it.

So I have a few wonderful ideas now.  And I hope to come up with more.

DSCF6849My plan is, to create my inspiration jar, and each DSCF6850morning, pick out one envelope and find 15 minutes in my day to do something.  Why?  because I need to take time out of EVERY DAY for me.  And if it is only 15 minutes, that is better than nothing.  I know some days are going to be hectic, but I believe that with just 15 minutes a day, I can create something worth while and something I can be proud of, and also learn some new things while I am at it.

I have thought about an exercise jar as well, where I pick out something that I do for 10 minutes, whether it be a walk, leg exercises, stretches, arm exercises, ab exercises – you can see where this will go.  And while 10 minutes isn’t a lot of time – at the end of the week, that is just over an hour of extra exercise that I have done.

So have a go.  You might decide to do something different, but make sure it is something you want or love to do.  You will always find time for something you want to try.

Well Being
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