I love Wellington.  I don’t know if I could live there, but I love to visit.  And I got to visit it this weekend just been.  The weather was pretty crappy on Saturday, but Sunday was just lovely.

I went to Wellington to hang out with a friend up there, a friend who spoiled me rotten.  We went out to Floriditas for tea on Friday night – oh my, what a feasting extravaganza.  The lamb was melt in your mouth, and the chocolate sorbet – OMG – CHOCOLATE SORBET!  It was a lovely evening.

Saturday was a bit wet, – well, it was pouring down, and as I was staying in a one bedroom apartment, it was decided that some time out of the apartment would be fun.  So I got a sightseeing visit of Wellington, including Days Bay, Eastbourne, Aros Valley, through to Happy Valley Road, and back to the CBD via the Esplanade and Oriental Bay.  Saturday night we had Sushi at the Catch Sushi Bar – where you pick your food off the conveyor belt as it whips past you.  Another amazing meal experience.

I had a thoroughly good time, and cemented a really deep friendship in the process.

As for my writing – zip, nada, nil, NOTHING!  But I have hopes that this week I will get back into it.

My art, well I have nearly finished my folio, I have a couple of pieces to finish, and that is it – although I will keep doing some more artwork.  But then I think I will ask the teacher for something fun to do for more credits.  She is really pleased with my work, and I have to admit that I am really loving it too, although there is one piece I am going to redo – but that shouldn’t be too hard.

I had a proofreading job, which I finished, and just been requested to do another one.  I also emailed one of my favourite authors and she is keen to give me a try – squee!  Can’t wait and I LURVE her books.

So, next weekend, I am off on ANOTHER adventure, but I will tell you about that next week.  What are your plans for this week?

Have a good one.

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Wellywood Weekend
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