Phew, we have hit the shortest day and now heading for longer days.  I hate winter – have I mentioned that before?  I just don’t like being cold!  And since losing weight, cold is something I feel a lot.  What is funny though, is that one of the side effects of my antidepressants is excessive sweating, so when I layer up, and get working, I sweat!  I can’t win.  At least in summer its cool enough to strip off and go for a swim – too cold to jump in the shower!

So a bit of time spent between here and Motueka, spent Saturday night with my Mum.  Its nice to spend time with her.  During the holidays I hope to do a bit more of that.

So, have I been writing… yeeeesss?  Kind of.  I got Dragon Natural Speaking for my laptop, and so far it has been fun – just setting the bloody thing up is hard – and the microphone worked the first time but not the second time.  And having to think about what you want to write..?  That has to be the hardest.  Mostly when I am writing, the words just flow into my fingers without a lot of conscious thought going into it.  I guess it will take a bit of time to get used to it.

I have been doing some art this week, mostly backgrounds for my prints.  I’ve also got some more mountain pictures so I can work on my lino cuts.  I might even have a go and placing them over the top of each other… just to see what happens – lol.

Anyway, today I am feeling incredibly inspired.  I want to get some writing done, and I have a friend coming around – so do I do it first thing, before she arrives, or vacuum the house first… hmmm, decisions, decisions.

I hope you have your week planned out.

Kind regards

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Wet, Wild and Winter
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