This has been a very emotional week for me this week, just with things I have had to deal with, the downside is I am extremely tired!  The upside is, I am getting plenty of sleep!  🙂

I have spent the weekend at my Mum’s (gotta love Mum’s) and had a very relaxing time.  So relaxing that I have even managed to get some more writing done this week!  I have had a couple of opportunities to just spend time, laptop and me, writing, editing, looking, seeing but mostly writing.  I have been working on my Ice Planet story, the one I finished for SoCNoC and then lost when my last laptop crashed.  I lost most of the story, which was quite gutting.

I was hoping to work on Son of God, but for some reason, I have been meeting some resistance in this story, so instead I have gone back into Ice Planet to try and pick up the pieces.  It hasn’t been as good as the original, but if I can at least finish it, then I can go back in and edit it, to make it closer to what I originally had.

The original story was great, I came away from it feeling very satisfied, and why I didn’t back it up, I don’t know, but the lesson was learnt, and now I back up pretty much every time I work on my laptop now.

It is hard to try and work through those parts I lost, because it was mostly the climax, which was really exciting, and I was so excited writing it.  Now, I am not sure I can capture that excitement, but if I can at least get some of it, I can edit it into shape for the final version.

The school holidays are about to start, and in the Southern Hemisphere, that is 6 weeks.  6 weeks of constantly having my son in my face!  Still, I will work out a way to try and get some writing in somehow!  If not, there is always the garden to work on!

What a Week!
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