pen writingFollowing on from my post last week on Who Am I, I have decided to tell you a little bit about my plans for next year.

This year, I have embarked on a writing course by Courses Direct and I have been enjoying this, although I do need to pick up the pace a bit on this!  I have been thinking a great deal about my writing and where I want to go with it.  And I would like to set up an Indie publishing company at some stage.

So next year, I am looking at doing a course on copy editing and proof reading.  This is something I have been interested in for a while, and I can do this through Courses Direct as well.

I also hope to continue writing and working as a teacher aide, but I want to extend myself a little, and as my depression and antidepressants have really restricted my mental abilities, and I have been unable to concentrate enough to do a more in-depth course, like Psychology(!?!), then doing something that is within my field of interest would be a great way to push myself along.  It will hopefully help with my own writing abilities and skills, but would also lead to taking on freelance work and being able to work from home, and make some extra money.

I also plan to continue writing articles for The Rural.  I have been asked to provide articles on healthy alternatives to cleaning products, and when I investigated my own cupboards at home, I found I have at least 6 books on this already, so I am happy I can come up with something!

I want to cut back on some responsibilities I currently have, like BGAC (Boys and Girls Agricultural Club) and only do the admin side of the show rather than run the Mini-show.  But that might have to be another year, so I can train someone up to take my place.  I will still retain my interests in the Friends of the School for the local school I work at (like a PPTA / PTA but more casual) and KiwiWriters, because these are groups that I am passionate about.

So next year is looking like a busy one, but I can handle that.  I want to start achieving and setting some personal goals for myself, not just writing goals.

What Do I Want To Do?
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