Funny how life treats you every now and again.  Things change quickly and you either accept it and move on or flounder around and wonder what went wrong.

People move into your life for a reason, and sometimes, they are just as easily removed.  It happens for a reason, just sometimes it is hard to work out what the reason is.

Writing can be the same.  I always thought that I would be a fantasy writer, that most of my stories would take part in a world that I created (I AM GOD!) with Characters that I know and storylines that I know about.  But my last two stories have really pulled me away from that, and I have moved with it, but with the second story I am feeling pulled.  Yes, it is still fantasy, but it takes place in a real time in a real place with real people (the characters in the story are made up, but Henry VIII was real!)

Am I sorry that I have moved on?  Yes and no.  Yes, because it is different, and no because it IS different.  My story writing is evolving, I am taking risks and I am excited and scared by the new steps, but there is that old saying – SOAR – Stretch Out and Risk.  So that is my motto for this latest story, it is gothic (well, hopefully it will be!) and it is a new venture for me.  But one that I am embracing.

So, what else is there to say?  Plenty.  A new adventure, a new style, a new person.  What more could I want?

What Else is There to Say…?
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