Another Monday morning.  Another weekend has passed.  Another week of little writing… We are in November, and it has been warm… until today. Bloody Monday!

But everything is okay.

This week has been a bit rough, mentally I have been down in fact, borderline depression for the last week.  It has been very hard, wondering what exactly was causing it.  But I eventually worked it out.  It has been a long slow process really, and it dates back to the death of my stepdad – which isn’t really surprising.  A lot of things changed at that time, people changed, and it has been hard for everyone to adapt and cope with those changes and the loss.  But now that I know what was causing it, I feel better for it.  I was actually still doing all the right things, exercising, doing the things I love doing, like gardening and art, but I wasn’t really socialising.  I did get out and about, but didn’t spend any meaningful time with my friends.  Rach was the only person to know what was going on, and she has been a great support.  I love that I have friends who I can rely on, and I’m there for them when they need me.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my study, working away in there, tidying up, getting things organised, and having three very distinct areas. A writing desk, a crafting desk and my art desk.  And it is working, although my craft desk is still VERY MESSY!

So anyway, exercising, yeah, I am in the last week of a 30 day challenge.  It was HIIT, which is High Intensity Impact Training, for 15 minutes a day.  Its not been body changing, I haven’t lost heaps of weight or gained rippling abs, but I have noticed increased strength and agility.  I hope to continue on with the training, I just need to work out my own training schedule, but I can manage that.  I’ve also noticed an increased appetite for exercise.  Not manic need or anything like that, but an enjoyment for getting out and walking, or cycling.  So much so that I have started working on my bicycle again, and been ordering parts that I need to get it working.

And I actually did some writing!  I know, fantastic right?  It was hard, and I have had to really just sit down and write.  And it isn’t hard.  Of course I make sure that I have cleaned the house first, because then I have no excuses to not write.  But that isn’t mine, that was my ex’s guilt.  He made me feel like that, and now, after eight months, I have to remind myself that he has no power over me anymore.  Writing isn’t a hobby to be treated as something you do for fun, writing for me is a passion, a need to share the stories that are inside me, and to hopefully, one day, make money from it.

So I have put Curse of the Taniwha on my kindle for the first editing phase.  This story has been a long time in the making, seriously.  But I am hoping that this one will be the next release – early NEXT YEAR!  And I had painted myself into a corner on Dragon’s League, but I have worked through this while brainstorming while driving one day – yeah, driving is great for my creativity.  So I have been working on this again.

And while I have been writing, I have also been crafting and painting.  I’ve created some pretty cool things lately, and even been painting a Kakapo, a native NZ bird.  We have so many amazing birds that are ground dwelling, and the Kakapo is one of them.  Big, clumsy, but so full of character.  He is still a work in progress, but really loving it.  If you want to see progress on him, then follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Also, I have a book being released early December – Running Away, and I want to do a book cover release soon.  If you want to be part of that, let me know.  It will be on Facebook only – so you don’t need to blog about it.  Just share the cover for the book.

Anyway, off to do some writing :o) So exciting!

What are you up to this week?

Have fun

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