I am very nervous this morning.  I’ve arranged to do something, and now I am having second thoughts, but the appointment is today… gulp.  No one wants to come with me and hold my hand, but then I probably don’t want them too either!

Nerves is something I can suffer from quite badly – I know I am really bad when my jaw hurts, from grinding it, and I must have been doing some serious grinding last night!  One thing I have learnt from all the counselling I have been undertaking lately, and that is to take some deep breathes, get some oxygen into my body, because it stops the panic from setting in, and makes your brain go – oh, I have oxygen, how did that happen?  It cuts the panic off before it really kicks the adrenalin into the body.  Now, if I manage to do that later today will be another matter!  Anyway, hopefully I will be able to reveal all about my morning mission and how successful (or otherwise) it goes.

Anyway, Cursed Love release update:

Cover arranged – check

Video made for book release – check

One article to write for another website – check

ISBN’s – check

Still to do

– arrange another article for another book review blog site

– write 10 articles for book review / friends / writers  blog sites.


– put Cursed up on Goodreads,

– arrange Goodreads giveaway,

– get Twitter Hashtag started (waiting until 1st of November for that one.)

– create Catherine Mede Youtube page

– Arrange for publication of paperback

I am sure that there are other things, but my mind isn’t really letting me think this morning.  Too preoccupied (hehehe).

October has just slipped by so quickly – I guess November will too.  It will be release day before we know it.

Are you planning a book launch?  What ideas do you have for marketing / getting your book out there?

What have I done!?!
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One thought on “What have I done!?!

  • October 20, 2014 at 3:35 am

    You sound so organized! You’re putting me to shame 😉


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