My computer has been running a bit slow lately, so decided to have a bit of a clear out of files etc.  I started with some programs that I no longer needed, and that appeared on my program files – that I hadn’t actually installed – mostly because they were installed by Dell…

Anyhoo, I then went through and deleted out a whole heap of files that I no longer needed, old story ideas that were – really really crap, and some of my ex’s files etc.  I managed to clear up a bit of disk space.  I also defragged the computer, and it was still running slow, so decided to update the malware program and run that through my machine.

That went fine, picked up 15 files, which seems so little compared to the last time I did it (I run a microsoft anti-virus program on my laptop.)  So I deleted those files, rebooted my computer and went to start Scrivener…

Oh oh, something is wrong here.  The program WOULD NOT open, no matter what I did.  I googled it, and still wouldn’t work, so I removed the program and went back into Latte and Literature and picked up the new version.

That loaded.  Phew.

Went in to pick up Finding Amy, and the whole system shut down, like it shut down Scrivener and removed it from my screen…


I had to uninstall and reinstall Scrivener again, then picked up the back up version, which was a week old.  It would bring it up, and I could work on it, but everytime I tried to bring up the original version, would shut down the program.

I managed to recover a couple of files from the docs folder, but not everything was saved.

Whatever happened, I don’t know, even a system restore couldn’t bring it back, so I lost three chapters in Finding Amy Archer.

Now a few of you will remember the catastrophic failure of my original laptop and losing 2/3 of Shards of Ice at the time.  Yeah, that was devastating.  And I learned my lesson,  I backed everything up regularly, however, the Scrivener back up, which I save everytime I write something, didn’t save it like I thought it would.

So from now on, I will be backing everything up to either Dropbox or Google Documents, because I can’t afford to lose that much information again.  3 chapters doesn’t sound like a lot, but a lot happened in those three chapters, and while I have already rewritten one, and rewritten it better, there are gaps in my memory of what I had written originally.

So the lesson learned, always back up, when writing, on a daily basis.  You just don’t know when something catastrophic might occur and wipe out your current WiP

So how is everyone else doing?

Take care and have a good week.



When the Back Up FAILS!
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