It’s cold this morning. Bloody cold.  And when I looked out the window, I knew why.

Fresh snow on the hills.


Come on people, NIWA promised an Indian Summer… where is it I ask… Where is it?

Why am I going on so much about summer?  I love heat.  I need heat.  I’m a bit like a lizard.  I need the heat to keep me going, otherwise I become sluggish and sore.

Yip, so, I know its cold before I get out of bed because my knees and my knuckles hurt.  And they did yesterday morning and this morning.  Not to mention the fact that Everest is attached to me (like trying to sit on my knee while I’m typing this, covered in a blanket) and Little is well… Little is going mental.  It’s like the cold energises him or something because he came flying into my room at 6am, ran around my bed, jumped onto it, ran around Everest and over my pillows and onto my bedside cabinet wiping off the alarm clock and my phone.  And he just tried to attack the lump under the blanket on my knee.

I can actually count on one hand how many hot days we’ve had this year, which is highly unusual.  Even if its windy outside, the inside gets hot (like 30+ degrees hot) and that only happened about 5 times this year, unlike last summer where I lost count of how many evenings were spent outside trying to cool down.

Is this global warming?  Nah, just the way the seasons go.  We’ve had hot summers and cold summers, and windy summers, and mild winters.  I think we’re due a cold winter…

Anyone want to fly me to the tropics for the next four months???

Anyway, writing – Finding Amy Archer is off with critique and beta readers.  I’ve one response back so far, and it was all positive.  Which is great, because I was incredibly nervous.  Because Finding Amy Archer is a very different book for me.  Yes, its personal, but I also wrote it in first person, something I have always struggled with, but I wanted readers to feel like they are part of the story too.

I have two new story ideas I’m kicking around – not sure which one to go with next, but I have a fair idea.  One is about gardening (surprise surprise) and the other is another ‘Finding’ book.

Other than that, I have been focused on my art over the last week, developing my skills.  Loving where it is going, and had a rather impressive breakthrough yesterday afternoon, taking my art a large leap forward.  I’m still not perfect, but I am certainly picking up the skills that I wanted to achieve.

And I have work today. Brr… I don’t want to leave the house!

So what are your plans for this week?

Hope you are warm where you are.

Take care


Where Did Summer Go?
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