Well, its a bit of an overstatement really.

The weather wasn’t wild in Wellington, but apparently it was in my hometown, with flooding and general mayhem. I’m rather pleased that I missed that weather event, especially the wind.  A few years ago, while we were camping up at my sister-in-law’s place, we got caught in a rather vicious windstorm.  We were staying in a tent amongst some pine trees, and I was very conscious of this fact.  About 4am, the wind escalated to a roaring sound, and by this stage, I was quite panicked.  I grabbed my son and my car and headed to the only clear area, around a cookshed that had been built.  My ex thought I was driving out of there, but I wasn’t intending to do that.  As daylight came, the extent of the damage was revealed.  A branch had snapped above a friends tent, but had got caught up in other branches.  It was extremely fortunate that nobody had been hurt, but I do believe that we had somehow managed to escape a tornado, which had ripped through the forestry directly above the property we were on.  So wind, isn’t my friend.

But I’ve had a lovely time in Wellington.  I haven’t been for a few weeks because I have been rather sick – mentally.  And it isn’t until now, when I am back firing on all 5 cylinders (yeah, I believe I only have five) that I realise just how bad I had gotten.  So bad in fact, that I was shunning the things I enjoyed doing, like going to Wellington and spending time with my muse.

This time, I haven’t felt incredibly creative, but that is probably because my muse has been sick.  I haven’t mothered him, because I’m really not that type of person.  But he told me that he is pleased I came, and he is definitely looking much happier than when I arrived.

And we are both back in reality now, he, off to work, and me, back home to start my week.  But it is only a week before the school holidays start, and I’m excited to be able to get some things done, artwise during that week.  I have been quite focused on portraiture, and I wanted to keep doing that, but my art teacher has encouraged me to express my depression by other means, using other pictures to show how it could overwhelm me, or how it feels when I feel more in control.  I have some wonderful ideas, thanks to her, and I can’t wait to get started on them.  I have pretty much two boards filled and one more term to complete my folio.

Writing, well, editing has been patchy on Finding Amy Archer.  I was kind of torn about changing an aspect of the story, to suit one person.  But I realised that it was only one person’s perception, and the other four readers hadn’t commented on it at all.  And it is totally relevant to the story.  I like it.  Its staying, although I have made some small changes to the main character, to make her more…believable?  Relateable is probably the right word.  There is more to this particular story, and I plan to write about it in one of my Writing Process posts.

So this week, editing, doing some more work on The Gardener, and art, and maybe some gardening?  Oh, and housework, the bane of every woman’s (and the occasional man’s) existence.

What are your plans for the week?








Wild Weekend in Wellington
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