A recent blog I did over a KiwiWriters – I decided to share it here too.

Planning ahead is something we all do.  What to have to tea tonight; Make a budget to live off; Where the next vacation will be; Have a will; Decide how you want your own funeral… you get the idea.  Sometime we plan, sometimes we fly by the seat of our pants.  I am a planner.

My friends think it is wonderful that I am so much “will power”.  And I laugh.  I don’t have will power… I have structure in my day to allow me time to do what I want to do… and I do this by planning ahead.  If I didn’t have structure, when I sit down to write, I feel guilty because… I haven’t vacuumed the floor, I haven’t washed the dishes, I haven’t hung out / brought in the washing…

My ideal would be to write full time, but I know that I am easily distracted, and also I have other family obligations, so I make sure that my day is planned out so I make time for me to do all the things I need to do, and still have at least a few hours to write in.  I do all of my chores, reports, other work and responsbilities first, then I get to to my fun thing – writing.  This makes writing more exciting for me, because I have anticipated it all day.

I started writing this post about how I plan my story, but I thought it was more important to write about how I get time to write my story.  I am a mum and work on contract as a loss adjuster (insurance assessor) and Winter is the busiest time of the year for me.  I have to make sure my house is clean, there is food on the table, and that I spend time with my friends to, so time management is a very important thing for me.

If you want to have “willpower” and write lots, then you should plan too.  It isn’t hard.  Just make sure you do all the yucky jobs before you start on the fun ones!

Will Power
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