So last week – no editing was done on Curse of the Taniwha – does that surprise anyone? Doesn’t surprise me in the least. But that is how my week went.

Monday was a blur – got my son back to school and spent the day tidying the house. Tuesday walked and had a nap, Wednesday was doctors and town, Thursday was art and a walk, Friday was grasskarts day at the school, Saturday was a catch up with Mum and a dinner in town, and Sunday was a power cut day – so bit of outdoor stuff.

And my binge eating… its slightly under control. I am craving sugar like crazy, but I think the fact that I am trying to reduce my sugar intake isn’t helping any. But I will get back on top of it.

So I have a pile of firewood outside that needs stacking. Half of it is gum, and it is bloody heavy, so I reckon it was felled the day before it was split and put in the truck, because some of the logs, even the skinniest are just so bloody heavy! But talk about a body workout.  And I don’t have to get it all stacked in one day. Thankfully.

Writing – yeah, well I need to find some time – and I need to put it into my daily routine, but with each day being so different at the moment, its hard to put a finger on a time slot and say – that’s it, because the next week, that time will be used for something else.

Anyway, this week, more gardening, more firewood stacking, and hopefully – some writing / editing.  What are your plans for the week?

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