Yesterday was my last post for Speculative Fiction Blogging Week – and what an awesome trip it was.  I enjoy trying to find things to write about – and because of shifting and not having time lately to write, it was just the creativity I needed to keep me sane.

I am hoping to get the laptop out and start writing again, and today might be just as good a day as any to do that, because of the rain.

I have a story buzzing my mind at the moment about death, and I am hoping it will resolve some of the issues I have with some of the people who have died – not bad issues, but just the senselessness, the sadness and the emotion that goes with it all.  And while it sounds like a morbid topic to write about, the story isn’t quite so depressing.  It is about death and her visiting the various people – it is a snapshot of her day, the variety and the acceptance of some, the aggression of others.

Because of the move, I now have a corner which is my office, so will post photos once I have it set up – at the moment I am surrounded by boxes, and funnily enough I often write with my laptop at the kitchen table rather than at my computer, but if I set it up right, then I will be able to use the laptop as well!  Here’s hoping – I am quite excited about having a part just set aside for me!

Wow – what a ride!
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