Over the last month I have busted a gut to get a novel written and while I am disappointed that I didn’t get 50k on the initial novel, I am pleased to get the challenge over and done with.  I have spent the rest of this week just relaxing – I haven’t done any writing at all, but I have come to realise that my short stories in my new novel needs to done as exactly that – short stories.

Initially I was going to have them told to Sara, but on second thoughts, I think having it as a short story might actually make it work better and that way there isn’t too much telling going on.  I just have to think of ways of creating the life lessons into short stories.  I have some ideas, but I am beginning to think that this one is a bit bigger than I initially thought.

While on the subject of writing, I joined a new social site the other day, especially for readers and writers in the Southern Hemispere.  It is called Books Down Under and it looks quite interesting.  A nice little forum for like minded people to get together and liaise, discuss and share ideas.  It was created by a NZ, but isn’t just for NZ, Aussies are invited to join to, so if it sounds like you, check it out.

Writing Break
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