Releasing 31 May 2024 – Second-Hand Daughter

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Hello, I’m Catherine Mede, I live in New Zealand.  It’s a little country in the southern Pacific ocean, just to the right of Australia.  We have lovely natural open spaces that are so conducive to writing.

So, who is Catherine Mede?

Catherine Mede lives in a bustling coastal town of Motropolis, with a tall lanky son, a partner and a short haired domestic cat called Lunar(tic).  When not writing, Catherine is working full time as a gardener.  In her spare time, she likes to read, get creative with art and crafts and create whips, and of course, do the gardening.

Although having developed a love for writing while at High School, it wasn’t until she was in her thirties that she decided to get down and dirty with the words in her head.

Catherine will dabble in any genre, as her backlist will attest.  When she was younger, she would write to escape reality.  Now she writes it to allow others to escape to a little piece of paradise in New Zealand.