Back into it then…

Avatar CatherineAfter what seems like YEARS (but in actual fact is only approximately 4 weeks ?!!) I finally managed to edit a scene last night.  It doesn’t really sound like something major, but to me it was.  When I don’t write, I get restless, and quite antsy and I spend a lot of time on the internet and facebook wondering what is going on with me and why I can’t get rid of the itch.

So I edited – or finished editing a scene in the 5th Chapter, one that was kind of lagging and I had been putting off.  But a few weeks off, and fresh eyes, allowed me to make some alterations to the chapter which now makes it seem more credible, and no longer just a space filler.  While it hasn’t inspired me to start heavily editing again, it was the kick in the bum I needed.

But what I have been doing, which I really enjoy doing, is critiquing others work at the moment, and I have become a beta reader for a NZ who has finished her story to quite a high standard and wants to get it out there before the end of the year.  I also critique for two other writers, we all write very similar works, so we enjoy swapping our stories between us and looking at each others style.  I know that I really don’t take on board a lot of what they tell me, but I have reached a stage with my writing where I happily listen to them and their advise and revise my story accordingly.

While I find editing quite trying, having done it for almost three months now, I really do understand why it is necessary and have started to really see my work with a more subjective eye.  It has allowed me to see how it could be improved, without being negative and dismissive about it.  A critical eye has actually improved my writing.  And that is what I am really enjoying about the editing process.  That and also seeing how far I came from when I originally wrote the story back when I was at school!


One thought on “Back into it then…

  1. It’s great that you can look back and see how much you’ve grown, really helps keep the motivation up knowing that you’re getting somewhere with it all 🙂

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