Goal one, accomplished.

I set some goals for writing back in December for what I wanted to achieve this year.  Already, I have written a short story and almost immediately had it accepted to be published in the Masters of Horror Anthology!  It is only the third or fourth short story I have really written, so absolutely over the moon about that.  So that is two things crossed of my January list!

And the funniest thing is, it is a horror story!  Those who know me, know that horror isn’t my forte, but it was good enough to get into this book!


5 thoughts on “Goal one, accomplished.

  1. Thanks guys, I am feeling chuffed with myself. Just goes to show that it is the one that you least expect that will get you want you want.

    Still, haven’t achieved all of my goals yet, this is only the start, have drawn up a checksheet to tick off when I have done my short story for the month, editing for the month, encouraged a writer, etc etc. It is looking pretty good so far, nice to have progress in my face!

  2. Ripley, the Anthology has a tentative date of 10th March, but that is only tentative. I think I will get more excited about it once it is in print – then it can’t be taken away from me!!! :o)

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