A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Sandy’s Story

My Mum sent through an email over the weekend, having been inspired by the picture.  I asked if it was ok to put her story here, and she agreed!  So here it is – Sandy’s Story (350 words)

As she stood on the shore and looked out on the crashing sea coming into the bay, she now had the peace deep within her soul that she had craved for all her life.  The crashing waves and tumultuous water crashing around was what her life had felt like for many years and memories at times could be still quite vivid of a past life.   But that closed book on the past could be opened now and she could look at the memories without shuddering and that in itself was healing to remember back and sometimes asking why and at other times accepting that that was how it was.

The surf continued to roll in the Bay but she could see that the waves were starting to ease a little and she reflected that life is like that as we move forward to a better more positive and peaceful place.  It took a long time to walk through the storms of life and at times there seemed to be too many of them to endure it all and it would have been so easy to succumb to ‘strong wind’, ‘thrashing waves’ and the ‘confused seas’ of life’s events.  The first glimmer of  a lightening sky and an easing over a period of time of the ‘storm’ we can begin to feel hope again, just need to be still a little while longer and the clouds clear, the wind drops, the confused sea is starting to gradually loose its intensity.

Again in life the storms pass and we gain strength, healing begins and the peace invades our souls as we release all that has gone before and start building for the future in a far more positive way with the knowledge we have gained.

The waves continue to crash into the Bay but the storm does not hold the fears and pain that it once did and she can enjoy watching the waves as they appear to run into one another and she can feel wind and spray on her face, then she slowly turns and walks back to the new life she has created for herself.


5 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Sandy’s Story

  1. I can’t believe that Mum wrote such a beautiful piece! I always wondered where I got my imagination from, and I only just discovered where over the weekend – from my very own mother!

    Because I know the history, I know where this story is coming from, what’s even more cool is that she now recognises the storms from the calm!

    I love you Mum x x x :o)

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