Writing Goals – March Update

I am posting this early because I have another interview of another MoH Anthology writer coming up tomorrow.

March has been another busy month with editing, whether it is short or long stories.  Here is a roundup of the goals for the month

# Get Chrystias finished off and start looking around for a publisher / agent for it. – have finished editing The Quest and now a quarter of the way through The Rise of the Chrystias – I suspect I am missing some of the information, not sure how that has happened, but hopefully will find out soon.

# Get Kings Queens and Noblemen edited to the second edit – with a view to getting it finished by the end of the year – Haven’t started this one.

# Create more short stories and really start to focus on developing this skill further – I have been working on a short story which became 7,500 words in the end.  Will leave this one to sit for a bit before I go back to it because I struggled with it. But I am happy with the way it turned out once I restarted it.

# Get one short story published (in a magazine / e-zine) (something other than my own blog site!) – On some encouragement from one of my friends, I pulled out a short story I wrote last year, a retelling of Red Riding Hood and have been polishing it up for submission to Sonar Publications Fairytales Anthology.

# Finish off some story ideas and start writing the next novel – the first draft to be completed before the end of the year (2010) – I haven’t carried out anymore work on this story, saving it up for June – SoCNoC!

# Encourage some of my writing friends – I have been critiquing work for friends again, and also through Critters.  There was one I read through Critters which was really good, and I offered to read the story, but didn’t hear anything back.  Oh well!

So April is another month, I was hoping to have Chrystias finished by the end of March, but I am happy with where I am at. But I have to get the story finished by the end of the month, along with the Synopsis I am working on.


2 thoughts on “Writing Goals – March Update

    • It might sound like lots, but I also have work, family and home commitments to fit into that as well! Does that make you feel better?

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