Editing (for now) is complete

Over the weekend, I finally managed to finish the last major edit (hopefully) of my book, and yesterday, I put it all together and started on the grammar check of it. 

Wow, what a relief.  It was something I was hoping to have finished by the end of last month, but it just didn’t happen.  But it has now, so I am pleased to finally get that done.

And to top it off, I have also done the synopsis, which might still need some work, but it is done!  There are a few check marks on my Writing Goals 2010 list. 

My beloved asked me what that meant – that I had finished editing.  I think he was hopeful that it meant I would never have to do it again.  Poor boy.  I told him it meant that hopefully I won’t have to spend three months editing it again.  But I had another one ready to step up to the plate and start the editing process.

Although I don’t feel any sense of freedom (I felt that when I initially finished the story), I am feeling more satisfied with this version of the story.  I could not take any more out of it, about 6000 words were taken out, but the word count is still 170k + or 615 pages (depending on what word processing package I use…!) but the story seems to have a better flow, there is little difference between the first story and the last (which was initially written 5 months later) because my writing style had changed much during that time.

So, back to the readers, then out into the big dark world.  Good luck little story…


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