We’ve Only Just Begun…

This is the first of my weekly Wednesday Blog during SoCNoC over at the KiwiWriters Website

This is the start of something big.  This is the third year I have done this, and this year I don’t have my little one at home, he is at school, so I have all this time during the day in which to write.  But will I have the time?

Time Management is something that is really important when embarking on a journey, even a written one.  Working out how long it takes you to type is a help.

Here’s my formula for working out how much time I need to write 50,000 words.

I have mostly the weekdays to work in, weekends are generally family time, so there are 21 days (there would be 22, but one is a long weekend here in NZ, so I can’t count that one!) so 50 000 divided by 21 days is 2,381 words per day – which to me, doesn’t seem a lot, but when you type 50 words per minute, that is 47 minutes per day to write.  Wow, that really doesn’t sound like a lot – which it isn’t, unless you have other distractions.

My plan is to have my housework done early, and by housework I mean – washing dishes, preparing vegetables for dinner, vacuuming, getting wood in, dust, clean, spit and polish!!!! – then make sure I have time to sit and work on a plan for the day.  I have already set up my roadmap, and I am happy to deviate from it, but if I have a rough map of where I want to go, I can plan each day as it comes.

So by this morning, I am sitting in the dining room, with my laptop, enjoying the sunshine on my back and well into writing my next best seller!


2 thoughts on “We’ve Only Just Begun…

  1. I love the optomistic attitude you have taken to this and you are right, when you break it down into small and manageable parts it is perfectly do-able. Wishing you the best of luck.

  2. Thanks Cassandra, yesterday was not a great day, personally or writing, but small manageable pieces are all that matter! As long as they don’t end up and lots of small manageable pieces at the very end!

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