SoCNoC Progress

This is long overdue, but I thought I would finally write about SoCNoC – which is the South Cross Novel Competition.  The idea is to write a 50k novel in the month of June.  I have 7 days left (including today) and I am at 40334 words, and unfortunately, while I have one chapter left to go, I am estimating that the novel isn’t going to be any bigger than 42k at this stage.  But that is Ok, because I have another story / novel that I am working on, and while I have already done 1,200, I haven’t included them in my SoCNoC count because I wanted to use and finish Medusa’s Garden first.

I am happy with my story, it is mostly dialogue at this stage, and not much in the way of action or description – which I have been accused of overdoing in the past, so will be an interesting experience to read back through the novel and put in references and descriptions of the characters, like the goddess Athena, I imagine her to be at least 7 or 8 foot tall, an imposing figure, constantly dressed in armour and with an owl for company.

It will also be fun to introduce some darkness and sinisterness to the story, which is there in essence, but I want the story to be dark.  It is basically about betrayal of trust and wanting acceptance.    But I think that most of that will be done during the August “The End is Nigh” challenge on the KiwiWriters website.


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