Mind Invasion

I have a character in my head who seems to be waging an all out war.  She wants her story told, come hell or high water (or snow, whichever arrives first on the Ice Planet).

She was originally going to part of a gothic story I was going to write for Gothic Writing Month in October (and with a name like Vyvica T’Authian… just screamed gothic to me) but she is stamping her foot and demanding that I start now (which is quite unusual considering she is the commander of an elite army guarding the king and isn’t really prone to temper tantrums!).

The thing is, I am not ready to write her yet.  I don’t have time in my day to really give her life.  I have been trying to satisfy her by plotting out a story – using the story grid – but that doesn’t seem to be satisfying her.  I suggested perhaps some short stories to get some background on her, and she threatened me with death if I even attempted it.

Oh dear – now I sound like a mental patient hearing voices in my head.  Seriously, I am not hearing voices, just this argumentative spirit… whoops, now I sound like someone demon possessed.  Maybe I am – she is certainly not letting me drop it anyway!

Perhaps if I tell you a little about Vyvica – she was originally going to be queen of an ice planet forced into exile by her husband before an evil persona invaded the city, but she flatly refused that “lame position” (her words, not mine) – besides she wanted to have a bit of a fling with the bad guy of the story – well not the evil persona, but the bounty hunter.  This story is lending itself to Science Fiction, but I am wondering how I can blend Science Fiction with Gothic… any ideas gratefully accepted.

Back to Vyvica – she is a very demanding woman, very strong, courageous, yet fearful – but she won’t tell me what of, because she doesn’t want it used against her.  She doesn’t quite understand yet that I need to know what the fear is so that I can build that into her character flaw – I think I know what it is, but she is emphatically denying it – sure sign I am write.

I guess I am nervous writing this story because it is about a very powerful woman, but I know her dark secret that would make it a good gothic story, but it takes place on an Ice Planet where all of the city is underground – perhaps that will be dark enough.

Yes, the voice is fading, I can see normality return – no… wait… no, it was the cat at the window.  Her voice is fading, but for how long, I don’t know.  But I am working on developing her further, just how do I swing SciFi with Gothic… (on an ice planet no less!)


2 thoughts on “Mind Invasion

  1. Can’t help much in the advice arena, but it sounds like a really interesting character! Good luck writing the story… whenever you end up starting it!

    • Some advice would have been nice – but beggars can’t be chosers! Yes, it is going to be interesting… the sooner I start, the sooner I will get some peace!

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