Creativity Workshop – Themes Review

OK, so I was a little slack this week.  I did read one story, but that was only one.

But I did read some stories from a book I got out of the library for the School holidays – it told the stories behind the Ballets, like Giselle, Swan Lake, La Syphallid – Wow, I don’t ever want to go and watch the balle – I was in tears reading the stories!

These are stories based on fairy tales, and they were such tragic stories, and now I understand why people have such a distorted view of love.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my darling to pieces, but I wouldn’t kill myself just to be with him, which most of these stories seem to indicate – not that the hero killed himself, just accepted death when it was dealt to him (and generally it was he who suffered for his crimes).  No wonder people have this over stated view of love.  Am I bitter and twisted about love?  No.  I believe I have a realistic expectation that love meets needs and is comfortable, not a flashy instant attraction that stays all warm and fuzzy all the time.

Lesson learned from this:  Stop reading stories about where the ballet stories come from!  Seriously, the lesson learned is that adults are being given a false expectation of love that is quite deceiving.  While it is romantic, there is more to love and life than the attraction and the wanting to be with the partner at all costs, especially someone they have barely met.

So did I get any writing done this week… hell no.  It has been one of those weeks where I have spent a lot of time plotting and scheming and trying to clear my head of very strong female characters.  The end result is that I have two stories ready to be written (well one is, and one likes to think she is!)  So while I haven’t written (and driven myself nuts for a third week), I have pacified the creativity monster by creating three  new characters that will have their own stories to tell.

And one of the stories does relate to the Gothic effort I made at the start of this workshop – the only link being that it is a Gothic Novel!  My original story concept which started on a whim one afternoon became an entire novel by that evening and I have even found an interesting place in time to place it, well within the Gothic realm as well, so I am pleased with that.  It involves a monk, a promiscuous girl and her father / husband – long story, short version she told the monk it was her father, but it was her husband.  Yeah, I got excited about that too, but there is a huge twist at the end, which I won’t divulge, because… well I am a little unsure about how to pull it off and seem believable because it is totally unbelievable, but does ACTUALLY happen in real life.  Lets just say, if you want to know more, you can read it when I have finished writing the story, which will hopefully be at the end of October.  I am writing it as part of the Gothic Novel Month which Books Down Under are organising.

So next week, I think, I am going to take a bit of time and research Gothic Novels, some more, go over my notes I have made so far and keep researching this period in time and see what else I can come up with!


2 thoughts on “Creativity Workshop – Themes Review

  1. Strong female characters are fun! ^^ I’m not so sure about the gothic novel, but anything involving *ahem* family “love” is a little too squicky for me.

    • This female character would have to be the strongest I have encountered yet, and she is in my head every day! I think I will have to be writing over the December / January period in order to get her out!

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