Where have the words gone?…

They have just vanished into thin air… gone.  I knew that they were around here somewhere, I looked under the cushions on the couch and found $2.30, but no words.  Even my son’s lego box held no words…  Where have they gone?

Because they aren’t in my head!

It is 4 weeks since I wrote anything substantial, and I can’t say that it isn’t because I haven’t been trying, I have. Its just that they seem to have run away to join the circus perhaps.  I have some very forceful characters in my head all clambering for space, time and words, but I have been holding off writing anything because a) I don’t want to blow my opportunity and b) I don’t want to write about them before I can.

Cloud formations

What do I mean by that?  I have these great stories and great characters.  If I write about them now, while they are still fresh in my mind, I will write until they are out, and then it will be nothing – I will put it to one side and end up with another uncompleted story.  I also like to have a timeframe for writing – October is Gothic Novel Month – October is when i will write my gothic novel.  I want to write my science fiction ice planet story over Christmas / New Year – I don’t want to start these stories before then or I will blow my load and the story will get lost in all of the crap I could write rather than the story I want to write.

Yeah, so I am venting.  It has been a frustrating time not writing, and I haven’t been beading either, so

doublewhammy!  I am thankful that next month I am editing, because at least it is something, and I will be editing the Medusa story that I wrote during June’s SoCNoC.

So, where are the words?  Apparently anywhere but around me at present, but rest assured, I will hunt them down and kill them!


2 thoughts on “Where have the words gone?…

  1. Oh, I do know they will come, and to be honest, I am actually enjoying the “calm before the storm” – but I do miss them… terribly!

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