A Run Through of KiwiWriters

When I discovered KiwiWriters, I was very excited.  Why?  Because I live in a rural area and it is hard to get to a suburban area where there might be other writers.  So being isolated meant that I was rather restricted with who I could talk to about writing.  With KiwiWriters, I could meet with other writers and discuss those issues that really matter to me, whether it is a problem with a scene, an issue with a character, or just to talk about the shape of the story and where it is heading.

So what is on offer at KiwiWriters?  Lets check it out.

The home page gives you a bit of a background and lets you know what challenge is on at present (which is the KiwiWriters Blogging Week and Preparation Challenge to Beat all Challenges).  We have also started a new competition, Blogger of the Month award – which is our way of making those members who are regulars become a little more noticed.

KiwiWriters News tells you what the latest challenges are, and what is happening for the month.  It is updated at the beginning of the month by our wonderful president, Kerryn Angell.

My Account tells you about yourself (if you are a member, this is where you can update your profile to tell us something about yourself.)

KiwiWriters Resources has a lot of NZ resources in there, but it isn’t just related to research.  There is also useful information in there about the writing processes and some software that you might find useful.

KiwiWriters Challenges – this is what the site is all about, challenging yourself and your writing.  Every month we have some interesting, exciting and wacky challenges.  Sign up for a short story competition, or a novel competition, the choice is yours.

KiwiWriters Forums is the place where we meet and discuss things.  We are working on getting a proper chat room set up as well, please bear with us while we deal with these issues.  The forums are varied and many, there is always an interesting discussion just waiting to happen, so keep an eye on it.

I like KiwiWriters because it supports Kiwi writers, whether they be professional, or amateurs like me.  It doesn’t discern between the two, which is great because it means that we are all on an equal footing.  So if you are a writer, and you haven’t checked out the KiwiWriter site yet, get in there and have a look, it doesn’t cost anything to join, but you will get so much out of it.


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