Labels – Just call me Karen

I had to laugh yesterday.  I spent the day with my son at the Schools Sports Day, where they did various athletic activities and because I was there all day, my son’s teacher enlisted me to help her get the kids from A to B and keep score.

Now let me explain what I mean by labels.  We have all grown up with labels and roles, like daughter, sister, niece, cousin… etc etc.  All of my life, I have been fighting these and other labels.  My mum was a well known local, so I was always known as Sandy’s daughter, Karen.  Then when I got married, I became Kerry’s wife, Karen.

When we moved to the little rural village, all of a sudden, the labels changed, and I was, for once in my life – Karen.  Just Karen, not Karen someones attachment, just plain, simple Karen.

So yesterday, I just about wet myself laughing when Mrs A told everyone  “follow behind (son’s name) Mum, Karen.”

Oh well, I guess I have a whole new set of labels to look forward too now!

PS – as a result of spending all day in the hot sun, I only got sunburnt feet, because I put sunblock on everywhere else and took an umbrella.  Moral of the story, put SUNBLOCK ON YOUR FEET TOO!


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