Are the Holidays over yet???

As it is the summer school holidays in the southern hemisphere, my patience is just about at an end with the endless rounds of Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Wonderpets, Oomi Zoomi and heaven help me I am starting to hate hearing Blues Clues (Steve is just too cute!)

The only time I get to watch what I want to watch on TV, is when my son is playing Zoo Tycoon on the computer, and invariably he comes into the lounge and asks me why I changed the channel – ah HELLO!  In his defense, today it was raining…

Then when he bails from the computer, I get on it to do my work or writing.  Which creates a whole new set of distractions.  I can be sitting on the doorstep reading, I can be gardening, but as soon as I am near the computer, he instantly wants attention.  What is with that?  Excuse me, you have had my sole undivided attention for the last two hours, and you didn’t want to know me.  Now when I am doing something that I need to concentrate on (whether it be work or writing) he has to interupt my thought processes and blow them to smithereens.

And while it has been hot and sunny, every day, at 2pm, without fail, he insists on telling me the time.  Why, because he wants to go swimming.  Not “Mum?  Can I go for a swim?”  No.  “Mum, its 2’oclock.  Mum, its 5 minutes past 2 o’clock.  Mum, its 10 minutes past 2 o’clock….” etc etc.  Its like having a walking talking clock in the house.

My house looks like an explosion in a toy factory.  Lego and Thomas Railway has taken over the lounge and each day it mysteriously grows, even though the rule is that it has to be packed up every night and put away.

I am tired and want to have a break!  When do I get a holiday?  When do I get some time out and some time for me… when son goes back to school.

It is 19 more days until he goes back to school… but who is counting?


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