eBook Review – Love Me If You Must – Nicole Young

I have just finished this eBook, my first on Kindle, so posted a review on Amazon.com, and thought, why not share it here too.


From the opening I loved this story.  I can imagine the gnarled catalpa tree, sans leaves, that lurked in a back yard.  The imagery that were provided by Nicole’s artistic writing left me wanting more.
This is the first story I read on my recently acquired Kindle, and I have to say that it didn’t disappoint.  I couldn’t wait to see what happened next, and the suspense between the chapters kept me reading ‘just one more’ before turning out the light.  Often it was five or six more before my eyes gave out.
Often my mind worked overtime trying to work out who was where, what had happened to them, just like Tish.  I had it all worked out, only to receive a new piece of information and have to change my mind.  Still, it wasn’t who I expected in the end.

I gave this story 5/5 stars, because I enjoyed it so much!


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