Mondayitis… Again

Monday’s and I have never seen eye to eye, in fact Monday always seems to sneak up on me and punch me when I am not looking.

And whose idea was it to have Monday at the beginning of the week?  Later in the week would have been nice, when I was more prepared for it to turn up!

Anyway, beside the fact that we have a love / hate relationship, Mondays are normally a rush in our house.  We have had a relaxing weekend and everyone is off to school or work on Monday morning, and I generally love having the house to myself for the first 10 minutes, before I have to clean up the debauchery that was the weekend.  Today was different.

My beloved went away fishing for the weekend with his workmates… yes enough said.  My son and I spent the weekend wiping at our snotty noses and watery eyes and falling asleep on the couch (OK, that was me, not him).  I knew he wasn’t going to school today (but he definitely going tomorrow, I don’t care if he is coughing up a lung!) and we did have a sleep in, but as soon as I got up, I knew that it wasn’t a good idea having him at home.  I didn’t realise just how much I NEED to have Monday to myself!

We have already had whinges and whines because I wanted the lounge tidy so I could vacuum the floor, and then plans were made for when Dad gets home to have a picnic, and it didn’t seem to matter what I had to say about the matter.  Dad was home, had a shower (first one in 3 days…) then got dressed and went back to work.  Number 1 son is now running around my newly vacuumed lounge eating his lunch, so there are crumbs everywhere.

As I said, Monday really hates me as much as I hate it, and I suspect that it is having a really good laugh at me this week!  Bastard!


4 thoughts on “Mondayitis… Again

  1. Monday’s and I had come to a truce, but not today. Off to school tomorrow for my boy I think. Have managed to get some editing done, but not much else!

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