Tales for Canterbury

OK guys, you can pre-purchase a copy of this marvellous book now.  check out the link at Tales for Canterbury .  The editing phase is finished, proof reading has been done.  It is just a simple case of pulling it all together now then sending it off to the presses.

This is for a great cause, all funds raised are going to the Red Cross to distribute throughout Christchurch.  If you have been wondering what you can do, then buy a copy NOW!

Writers include:

  1. Simon Petrie
  2. Neil Gaiman
  3. Lynne Jamneck
  4. y Merrilee Faber
  5. Brenda Cooper
  6. Cassie Hart
  7. A.M. Harte
  8. Phillipa Ballentine
  9. Grant Stone
  10. AJ Fitzwater
  11. Ripley Patton
  12. Matt Cowen
  13. Debbie Cowen

plus 17 other writers.  This is a fantastic opportunity to support some of the best up and comers in NZ literature.

You can purchase an eBook or a paperback.  I have ordered a paperback – what have you purchased?


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