Full time writer?

I’ve made a rather simplistic discovery.  If I want to get work done on my novel(s), I really need to spend more than an hour a day on my writing efforts.

I know that I will never make millions writing, but if I want to have the publishing world take me seriously, I have to treat writing like a full time job – which isn’t really a viable option in my house.  So maybe a part time job.  Its not like I don’t enjoy writing.  And there is lots I can do.

There are three novels which need editing, ten short stories which need to be whipped into shape, and a novel I am currently working on to at least me finished by the end of this month.   Yes, it isn’t like I don’t have enough to fill in my time with my writing.

So starting today, I am going to use the opportunity of my son returning to school, to start in my new regime.  I intend to start with some idea creating writing (I have lots of prompts, so it shouldn’t be hard, and the more I practice, the more ideas will develop), do a little work on my novel (actual writing, not transcribing), edit part of a novel, a little more writing on my novel and edit some of a short story.  I am hoping that this will take about 4 hours – allowing for the fact that I have had three boys in my house for nearly 10 days – the floors DESPERATELY need vacuuming!  Most of the other chores, I did yesterday.  So enough yabbering, and one with my day.


5 thoughts on “Full time writer?

  1. good luck with the new regime 🙂 Hope it goes well! For sure, the only way to get further is to work harder – you WILL get there!

    • I am enjoying the variety it is bringing in too, so I am not spending 4 hours trying to slog through a novel or a short story, instead an hour on the novel, half an hour on a short story, an hour of editing etc. Seems to be working so far. Another two weeks to make it a habit :o)

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