SoCNoC – 1st Week

OK, my first week was rather pathetic, but then there have been some extenuating circumstances which have gone against me.  Typical really.  It is the only time I actually look forward to Winter, and the world conspires against me.  But you can’t keep a good writer down, and I have accomplished 8656 words, 3013 behind where I should be, but that is OK.  I knew that I wouldn’t get a lot done over the long weekend, but I actually wrote most of my story then, so not a bad effort.

No excuses this week though, but there is a weekend, and unless my husband takes pity on me and takes the kids away, then I probably won’t get any writing done then either.  But in saying that, I think we are down two kids this weekend, so it might not be that bad.

I have downloaded a heap of music onto my laptop, I have found my headphones, and currently I am rocking out to “Big Men” my playlist of all the big hitters of rock, which happen to be men.  ACDC feature on the list, as does Eminem, Moby, Fat Boy Slim, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith… yeah you get the idea, anything and everything.  So far I have found that Guns N Roses are pulling the best out of me… not quite sure how that works.

Having a laptop which isn’t connected to the internet is handy too.  I am able to sit there, plugged into the sound and just write.  I have my plan, but so far the story has strayed a little.  It is action packed and I am loving it.  Can’t wait to see what happens next!


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