Man I’m tired!

Life gets busy quick in this house.  I am taking a couple of minutes to write this blog (it is 8:39pm, I am normally in bed), just to ease my conscience that it is so long since I last blogged (it was last Wednesday!)

My friend and her baby came up on Wednesday and stayed until Saturday, which kept me rather busy, considering we did town TWICE!  Once is enough for me, but we didn’t get everything done.  Now I remember why I don’t want any more children!  It was lovely having her to stay and I got lots of baby cuddles and smiles so that more than makes up for it.

To make things complicated, my boss rang and said the Stand In manager she had arranged for her break had fallen through and could I do it, even though I don’t have cellphone coverage where I live (oh the peace and quiet!).  Without letting me give her a response, the next thing I know, all of the gear arrived on my doorstep with hasty instructions and she was gone.  That was Wednesday night.  So I have worked and babysat for two days.

Then the step boys came out for the start of the school holidays, oh yeah, did you know it was the school holidays???  They arrived on Friday night, and have been here ever since.

The weekend was a blur (was their actually a weekend) and even at the pointy end of Monday, I have bare recollections of what I have done today, but staring at a cellphone and a computer screen seem to have dominated my day.

My mum came up and had lunch with me, and brought me a crate of oranges.  No, they aren’t the eating variety, they are the Marmalade kind – yum yum!  I have just spent an hour and a half cutting up two lots of oranges and a couple of lemons and now it all sits in a pot, ready for me to turn it on tomorrow and let it work its magic.  My hands are crippled up (with pain and arthritis) and I am ready to make a cuppa and have some ibuprofen (aka nuerofen!)

And did I get any writing done?  Nope.  Just one of them weeks!  I am hanging out for Wednesday, when my boss comes back and I can hand her back the cellphone and tell her it is my turn to have a break!

Next week.  Next week is the goal.  My son is going to Nanna’s for at least two nights (hopefully four) and then I can get my new desk sorted out and get some editing done.  Hopefully!


4 thoughts on “Man I’m tired!

    • Today I am free of work! So I am having a day of just relaxing, still trying to get over the horrible sick feeling I had yesterday, but a good night sleep fixed that!

  1. I got my weekly amount writen by Friday but on Saturday I got the stomach flu which led to a night of… you don’t wanna know… so I wasn’t in the state of mind to do my weekend story on Sunday and I took yesterday off. So that dug into my writing plan. Today I got back to work on my week story so things should be back to normal now.

    Since the library is where I do my writing I discovered today it’s school holidays, but I’ve scoped out which floors are safe for me to write on. Okay. Safe for the other people on the floor.

    • Yay for getting some writing done! And I am pleased you have found some spots in the library to avoid children, they can be very distracting!

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