January Goals – update

Just to refresh your memories, these were my goals for the year:

1.  Edit “Of Kings Queens and Noblemen”

2. Finish my Ice Planet Story

3. Edit Ice Planet

4. Edit the Gothic novel

5. Finish writing “Son of God”

6. Edit Medusa’s Garden.

Currently I am editing Medusa’s Garden, and as my handy dandy little widget shows, I am currently 44% of the way through it (well I was when I wrote this on Saturday!)  I am liking the new and improved version, but still struggling with all the “was’s” – something that really needs to be eliminated!  And not much description – something else that needs to be sorted out, but at least I have been making progress in making the writing better.  And recently a friend put me onto Wordle, and once I have finished the edits, I will put it through and I will see what words come up too often, that shouldn’t really come up too often!

I am slowly ticking away on Son of God, and while I have no idea of when that will be finished, I am happy to just plod along on it for now.  When I get the desire, it will start writing itself, and no, its not writers block.

So that is my progress on Month one, still have eleven to go, and looking fairly positive at this stage.


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