KiwiWriters Blogging Week – Day Four

I have managed to make it to 4… Phew.

Today I want to talk a bit more about Writing Groups.  I have done this lots of time before – and how important it is to surround yourself with like minded people.  But today I want to discuss how encouraging a Writing Group can be.

Our group started by a few ladies meeting up at KiwiWriters and discovering we all had one town in common, so we started our writers group.  We are a varied bunch of writers, I like to write fantasy, two write (and are part of the Nelson Romance writers group) and one likes to write historical.  We got together about a year ago, and met on a regular basis, getting to know each other and to discuss our work.  Through encouragement we have grown as a group, support each other and networked our ideas together.

As a result, one of the group has recently received a contract with HarperCollins for her historical novel, and another took part in NaNoWriMo and has since had her book accepted by Wild Press Roses.  It was only through the group encouragement that these two people felt comfortable enough to take that first step – to send the first email, to write the first word.  These two wonderful ladies are very strong supporters of the others in the group, one who has also had two romance books published, and little ole me, who has had one short story previously published.

It wasn’t the group itself that encouraged these ladies, it was the encouragement and support that they got.  They knew that they could talk to us about their ideas, their hopes, dreams and know that we validated them.

Keep up the good work ladies, it is a privilege to  encourage you and know that you support me too.


2 thoughts on “KiwiWriters Blogging Week – Day Four

  1. Totally agree with your post Karen. Its a shame we don’t get together more often, but each of us know we’re there for each other whenever we’re needed. The unspoken support is just as important as the spoken in my mind. Just a small correction – the historical novel is being published by Random House. I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with Medusa. It is your turn next! xx

    • Yes LaVerne, you are right, it is Random House (sorry Sacha!) Still it has been such an awesome success for her, and you too hun! It is fantastic to get together and just talk through things. We will have to start meeting up again.

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