KiwiWriters Blogging Week – Day Five

Five down, two to go!

Editing is what I am doing at the moment, I have four stories that need editing:  Medusa’s Garden, The gothic story (tenatively called Tobias and Arabella, but looking for a better name), Ice Planet (untitled) and Of Kings Queens and Noblemen.

Throughout January and into February, I have been editing Medusa’s Garden.  This is a story about the mythical beast, and how she came to be the beast.  I enjoyed writing this story, but there was a lot of problems with it.  I have worked hard, but only in the last three weeks do I feel like I am actually making the story better.

On Monday just been, I started an online workshop on editing, and I have been really enjoying it.  It is simple enough, but the tips and hits, ideas and resources that we are being given are just fabulous, and I hope to share more of this with you next week, once the workshop has finished.

I hope to get Medusa finished this month, so I can get it out to readers / critiquers – let me know if you are interested.  It has been read before, and if you have already read it, and want to read it again, let me know.  I would like at least 5 critiquers who can read it for the month of March.

Next month, I was going to work on T&A, but wondering whether KQ&N might benefit more from a month long intensive editing.  I have worked on both in the last wee while, and I would love to edit both, but I just want to focus on one story at a time.  I guess I won’t really know until the start of March.

But Ice Planet is my baby.  I want to get the story finished (I lost 1/2 of it last year when my computer crashed, so having to rewrite from scratch!) and I want to spend April / May on this to get it finished off.

All going well, I hope to have Medusa’s Garden and T&A or KQ&N out to publishers by October / November this year.

Here’s hoping!


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