Another Angel in Heaven

There is a strange pall over the village.  Tragedy has struck and everyone is affected in one way or another.  I did not know the family personally, but I knew them to say hello to.

Yesterday, one of the school children was killed in a motorcycle accident.   And all I can think about is the pain that the mother must be suffering.  I can’t begin to understand that pain, which makes me hurt more for her.

The little girl was an angel, such a beautiful child.  I last saw her on Friday when I was walking my son to school.  Her older brother was frantically pushing his scooter along the footpath, his sister pedalling like a mad woman on a bike too small for her to try and catch up.  She always said hello and had a smile for everyone.  Now that smile is gone.  She is in heaven with the other angels, but that is no consolation for her mother, father or brothers.

It made me think about how precious my son is, and what I would feel if anything should happen to him, and it was beyond comprehension.  I think I would rather die than have to live with that pain.  I am trying not to dwell on it, because I know that it could very easily drag me back into depression.  I have to be thankful that it wasn’t my son, but then I feel guilty for thinking that when a mother has lost a child.

So, to the little angel, enjoy heaven.  To her earthbound family, my sincerest condolences and my thoughts and prayers are with you at this extremely painful time.


9 thoughts on “Another Angel in Heaven

  1. A beautiful post about such a tragic loss of life. I’ll be hugging my children just that little bit more too Karen.
    Thanks for sharing, xx

  2. Life is fragile – this sad event brings that fact so tragically close. It must touch almost everyone in a small community where most people know, or know of, each other. If your depression threatens to return, Karen, channel it into providing personal support for the parents in whatever way you can.

    • Thank you Cherie, yes I have plans to make some meals for them while they are going through this time. It is the only way I can help for now.

    • It is surprising just how big an impact something like a death has on the community. I guess because we are close knit, we know of other families in the area, so when tragedy hits, even if we don’t know them personally, we know of someone who has been affected by it.

  3. Very sad, indeed. Everytime my senior in high school goes on a trip, whether school-related or just with his friends, I worry whether he might not come back. In 1987, my senior class lost two precious girls in an alcohol related car accident. The following year, after graduation, we lost another member of our class when she was killed in a car accident. All we can do is love those children as much as we can, every day, and pray that we never see the kind of day that poor family is enduring…


    • Thanks Jimmy. This is the first time a child has affected me. I have had friends die too young too, it is a tragic waste, but there time was up. Hard to explain that to someone who has lost a child though. Prayer is all we can do for them.

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