Going Backwards

Light at the End of the Tunnel, Kawatiri Tunnel, Feb 2011

Sorry I didn’t blog last week, things have been… trying to say the least.  My Mum and Poppa are very concerned for me, as they believe I have been slipping backwards, and I have to admit that perhaps I have.  This week was worse because one of my triggers was set off, and there was no way to be able to stop it.

Knowing my triggers are good, but now I need to know how to stop – or at least minimise -this particular trigger, because this is a big trigger in my life.

My Mum was concerned enough to come and visit me and tell me that her and Poppa aren’t going to let me go back to the way I was.  And I don’t want to go there either.  So I have contacted my counsellor to make a time to go and visit and start back with counselling.  I have also got my little book out that I started creating, called Bright Horizons for Dark Days.  I have printed out little inspirational pictures, quotes and written little notes in it to myself.  There are some awesome words in this book such as

“Its funny how I can hide my feelings behind my smile every day and no one ever seems to notice.”

“No matter what happens, you reside in the presence of Love.  Every breath you take fills you with grace and divine sustenance.  Breathe in that goodness and dare to believe it is.  Love is your home.”

“No matter how dark the day gets, there is always, always, some light, somewhere.”

There are many more wonderful inspiring quotes in there to keep me smiling, get me thinking and bring me back to earth, because depression can really send you on a tailspin.

I have been editing, and it is working really well, and I now have the Emotion’s Thesaurus which is really working out well.  I have managed to make more powerful impact statements, and I now have to go back to those areas that I have already edited and add more punch.



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