Lately, I have been searching for pictures on the internet of men and women that I can use to be characters in my books.  The reason I have chosen this line of “thinking” is because it makes it easier for me to visualise them.  I am obviously a visual learner, and I need to see what I am writing about.

For my latest story, The Gamble, I have three main characters.  Astra, Evan and Gryphyn.

karl 4Gryphyn is a strong man, strong character and also a selkie.  He is wise and knowledgable and so in love with Astra.  When looking for pictures, I immediately thought of Karl Urban.

paul bettany 1For Evan, I wanted someone who was weasel-like, but bigger physically than Gryphyn .  Paul Bettany is the best fit for this role, good looking but also menacing.

Astra is a timid little woman, who has been suppressed by her family and her husband, Billie piper 2Evan. She finds it hard to accept the truth because of the life she has been given.  Billie Piper immediately came to mind, because she can be meek and mild, but show some fire if she needs to.

See how having the pictures you are able to visualise the characters.  I know the vital stats of each actor and able to assemble that into the information I have already done on my characters, so I know heights, eye colour, hair colour etc.

Because of the pictures, I am able to build a better idea of my character, their traits and why they act the way they do.  Before that I was struggling to see the characters, other than a petite blond, a big dark haired bear like man and a weaselly looking character.  Having their facial features makes it visually more apparent to me what they are like on the inside (even though I don’t know what they are really like).

If you struggle with characterisations, try having a look on the internet.  Try typing in obscure words like “rugged, handsome, blond, male”, ” petite blond female”, or “brunette male, muscular” and see what pictures come up.


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