And Yet Again, Another Change…

Funny how things happen.  Last night, half asleep, listening to my husband and a friend playing their

guitars (at 2:30am) I came up with a plot point that would shore up my worrying plot line.  A surprising twist, but one I really like.

And it happens, just like that.  Even though I plot my story out, I keep it flexible as possible, and often, my flexibility allows other things to happen that I didn’t know would, but it adds to the drama and suspense of the story, as well as adds credence to a weakness that I was worried about.

While our friends were here, we were discussing dreams and about what they were used for.  The Native American Indians believed that they could specifically dream certain dreams by starving themselves for 8 days and then going into an induced sleep.  This is probably true.  When I go to sleep, I bring to mind the dreams I had from a previous night, or if I don’t want to focus on that, I think about where I am at in the story I am writing and how I can move forward in the story.  Sometimes I will think of a new idea or some way in which to move the story on, or I will dream something else.

I love that I dream, and I dream pretty much every night, and I can remember my dreams.  But then I have always focused on my dreams (they are where story ideas come from) from a very young age, so I have a good recall of them.  Something that the Native American Indians had to learn.  Little did I know that I am actually quite clever at being able to recall dreams, because many people can’t.

I have a notebook beside my bed for writing down my dreams, and sometimes I will even interpret them, and it can be fascinating what they are trying to tell me.  Like dreaming of moving water can be our life, and if it is swift moving, our lives are going fast, if they are slow and wandering, we are moving at a nice easy pace.

I kind of feel like I am rambling tonight… I probably am.  Not much sleep in the last week, and a 12 hour sleep in the middle, makes for a very muddled girl!

I got to talk to Year 5 / 6 kids at the school I work at about revising and editing stories.  I spoke to them about my own writing and showed them examples of my corrected work.  Then they asked heaps of questions about my writing.  I have since been asked by the Year 2/3 teacher to talk to her class about creating characters and planning a story!  Very exciting times.

Tom HardyWriting is proceeding well, I am wrapped with where the story is going, and I am about 1/3 of the way through it.  20k through, with over 5k yesterday before visitors arrived.  I don’t know what I will do after I have finished writing this story, because at least for now, I have a valid excuse for watching Tom Hardy movies and youtube clips!

Anyway, plan for the week, write, write, write.  SoCNoC is only a third of the way through.  🙂


One thought on “And Yet Again, Another Change…

  1. Hi Karen, remembering your dreams is great isn’t it. I remember my dreams, have done since a child, I also write them down. It is very interesting when things pop up in life and you’ve dreamt it a while back.

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