Done, but not Dusted

pikuroaSoCNoC 2013 is over.  I can tell you that I have completed 6k in a day, and HalfNoc, but did not manage to achieve SoCNoC, and not through lack of trying! Unfortunately time ran out on me, especially as it ended on a weekend, when I have family commitments to take care of.

But I still have a story to finish, which I will be doing this week, hopefully, and I am looking forward to August – the End is Nigh Challenge, to complete a project, which for me, is traditionally an editing month.  I hope to also have my novella finished, so I can get that edited during the End is Nigh also.

There were some interesting twists and turns in the story, and most of them happened later in the month which is unusual for me, but the changes have been slotted into the story nicely.  I have a couple of scenes I still need to add earlier in the story, but they will fit in.  I am looking forward to getting this story finished, I have really enjoyed writing it.

Further on the writing front, I have two articles to write up and send away to The Rural site, and a writing assignment to get done.  My son is off “sick” today, so I might use this time at home to get started on getting things finished  🙂


One thought on “Done, but not Dusted

  1. I did the same – managed HalfNoC and 6kinaday, but didn’t quite get to the 50k. Good luck getting your story finished this week 🙂

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