Plans, Plans, Plans, Plans and more Plans

Every where I turn, I seem to be planning!  It is currently the school holidays here in good ole NZ, and as I haven’t had my boy for the first week, I have been cleaning.  And planning.

My plan for the first week, was to clean and tidy the house.  This has been successfully done in the main areas, like the lounge and kitchen (and I regularly clean the bath and toilet, so didn’t feel it was necessary to put them here, but I just have!).  The second week, I have my steppies, and my son, so planning on spending time with them, and some cleaning – perhaps in youngest son’s room… time will tell.

DSCF6849I have also been planning my Inspiration jar, which I blogged about last Thursday.  I have since been playing my guitar (Da Doo Ron Ron Ron!) and beading (simple bookmarks).  These have been really nice and simple things to do, and also kept me off facebook in the evenings (although it hasn’t stopped my beloved from watching the tv, which he said he did because I was on facebook all night… One of those can’t win battles I guess.)

Another plan I have been working on, is making my Thursday blogs more about me, and my health and well being and things I have learned about me.  My first is the above blog about the inspiration jar, and I also have a couple coming up about depression, and introversion.  These have been scheduled to come up in the following weeks.  I am planning on doing one about my mentors / people I look up to and respect also.

To top it all off, and explain the third Planning in the title, I have been pikuroaseriously considering planning another novel – well a few actually!  I so enjoyed writing Cursed Love that I decided I wanted to write again… when I don’t know, but planning is important to me, so I want to get started.  So far, most of it is mulling around in my mind, one a story about fairies, and another a series of stories about survival after a cataclysmic event.  It is all very exciting!

I am also planning my revision / editing of two novels in August for The End is Nigh Challenge over at KiwiWriters.  My intention is to finish off The Gamble and to start editing Cursed Love.  And I really can’t wait!  Once upon a time I would have grumbled and groaned at editing, but now I realise this is the fun part.  The bit where you make the story shine!

So a busy couple of weeks for me.  Can’t wait for August.


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