Morning Routine

Mornings can be chaotic in our house.  Sometimes I just need to stop and chill before starting my day.


The alarm goes off at 5:45am – and I am up for the day.  People ask me why I get up so early.  Two reasons:  First, we live 45 minutes from town, my husband gets up early to get to work on time.  Secondly – I am not a morning person.  I need to be up a few hours before I am human enough to talk to anyone – and coffee doesn’t work for me  🙂

So 5:45 I am up, turning on the jug, feeding the cats, and emptying out the dishwasher, getting the breakfast dishes ready.  Normally I make a coffee for my beloved, and a tea for myself, tuck my laptop under my wing and head back to bed.  I watch Breakfast in bed, I like to know what news has happened overnight.  6:15am my beloved is up and has a shower, and I stay in bed, often snuggling with my son and often the cats (especially if it is cold) and checking my emails and facebook page.

6:45 I am up and having a shower, drying and styling my hair and moisturising my face – because it really needs it!  Then begins the hectic bit.  If we have the steppies over, then Mondays are full of kids bustling about the kitchen, husband complaining about how late he is, and kids, bags and husbands heading out the door.

View from dining window

Breakfast is my favourite time of the morning.  This is the fun bit for me.  This is where I centre myself and make myself take a deep breath, and prepare for the day.  I always have porridge (rolled oats) for breakfast, and sitting at the table, with the curtain pulled so I can look outside.  We have large picture windows, and I love looking out of them, regardless of the day.  Today it is foggy, and the trees are emerging from the mist, most of the park is a vast open space of fog.  I love it!  I eat my breakfast, complete my dairy for the previous day and just sit and watch, allowing myself to just be for the ten minutes that I have to myself.

I assess myself during this period.  I make sure that I am feeling okay – not health wise, but mental health wise.  If not, I say a quick prayer asking for the grace to make it through the day.  It is important that I make this time for myself.  I even do it in the weekend (although I am not up so early).

Even if the routine changes at all (like my beloved working night shift), I still have that ten minutes just eating my breakfast, allowing myself to just be, to exist.

The the world focuses back on my house, tidying away dishes, getting youngest son organised for school, making sure he has his uniform on, lunchbox in his bag, homework pack in his bag.  Then I make sure I have my lunch, my work in my bag.  Makeup time, and out the door to my busy day.

Just taking those ten minutes over breakfast, just to survey the world, make sure I am okay, gives me the strength to continue on with my day.  I work about 4 – 5 hours a day, in a school full of boisterous children.  Being an introvert, I need my space, and I often don’t get this at work, so I need to create my bubble of space before I start my day.  When I get home, I can create my bubble again.


So if you want to be centred for the day, take some time out for yourself while having your breakfast.  Even if it is reading, or just checking up on your emails, take that time to make sure you are feeling well and able to continue on with your day.


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