World War Me!

I thought of lots of cool names for this post, but to be honest, couldn’t remember a single one once I started typing, so I guess this one will have to fit.  But it does.

The last few weeks have been hell in one form or another.  Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually I have been tested within an inch of my life, and to be honest, I am too tired to really care.

It all started about 5 weeks ago, when my family went up to the school hall to play some basketball and we ended up playing dodgeball.  Unfortunately, my beloved stepsons are a little competitive, and one threw the ball, just as I ducked, and it got me in the lower jaw.  My jaw went one way, my head snapped another, and long story short, ended up at A&E with a suspected broken jaw.  A follow up X-ray on the Monday showed that it wasn’t broken and I could go back to eating normal food.

The following week was the school holidays, and we were playing basketball after my husband arrived home from school.  The local park has an outdoor half court, so we were playing out there.  Three times the ball bounced off my knuckles.  Three times it really hurt, until my little knuckle on my right hand swelled up.  I suspect it is broken, but know that nothing can be done other than taping it to the next finger, which is pretty much all I am doing with it at the moment.

The next week, kids had gone home and my youngest was with his Nanna’s so I was enjoying a few days home alone, when I twisted my ankle and fell off the top step.  I heard something snap, so was a little cautious when I got up.  Everything moved okay, and I gingerly walked to the shop and back.  The next day my ankle was quite large.  The following day I had abdominal surgery, and was in hospital for the day.

For a week, I could barely get out of my own way, tired and physically sore.  My ankle was still quite sore and swollen – in fact it looked like some one had inserted a tennis ball over my ankle (you are looking at your own ankles now… aren’t you!)

So last week, my first week back at school, I decided to get my ankle checked.  I have ruptured the ligament that goes down to my toes and bruised the ligament that goes to the bottom of my foot.  I have to wear a splint for 3 months before I can consider physio, and it can take up to a year for it to heal… just what I needed to hear.

On top of that, I have been back at counselling, kicking around the same old chestnut, which just doesn’t want to be resolved.  I am actually sick to death of rehashing the same thing over and over, but it still hurts, which means there is still pain and guilt involved.  I hate that I can’t process it and get over it, but apparently a woman likes to take her time when she is dealing with such issues.

So writing wise – I am still 3k off finishing Whose that Girl, and NaNo is about to start.   Arrgghh!  I have actually started plotting my NaNo story, so hopefully that means I can start, but I need to get the Whose that Girl story finished as well.  There’s nothing like a little bit of stress to keep me honest.

So there you go, my world has been in the wars lately, and hopefully I have seen the last of the bad luck (and the ACC forms – two so far!).  I think ACC are hoping that I start having some good luck now too!


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